Meditation weeks 3 & 4

Toning & Breath

A focused controlled breathing helps to keep the mind / body functioning at its optimum best. A focused breath keeps blood pressure low,helps to de-stress,reduce anxiety,anger, a number of behaviors.A controlled breath can assist in increasing awareness of the mind body connection,and the benefits on working with breathing and or toning to increase wellnes of the respiratory,lung, heart, circulatory,mind / spirit / awareness.

Breath:*Begin In and out nose to any count-what ever feels right 3,5 7. *Try Alternate nostril breathing.Place your thumbpad over on nostril,and the fingerpad of your 3rd finger / long finger over your other nostril-open one,breathe in,close it off,open/release other nostril-breathing out.Breathe in same nostril-close it off,open release other nostril,breathing out-breathe in same nostril-nd back and forth like that.*Abdominal / Diaphragm breathing-lie down placer hands over your  tummy-in the middle,between the ribs.Breathe in and out of this area of your body.practice slow,normal and then practice transferring it up-to the lungs.Theres COPD & Asthma Breathing-breathe in the nose to full capacity,breathe out through pursed lips.Do this at least 3 xs.

Toning / Chanting Uses the breathe,so all the health benefits from puposeful breathing and adds another dimension of the movement from vibration/frequency.This assists in movement / release of stored negative energy;the “old tapes” that play in our heads,incorrect information-often self deprecating and negative,Listening,hearing,being heard=value,all 5th Chakra expression/communication energy.Through toning,you are invited to come to know your truths,express them,through creation / be creative.

Toning is a note,a note defined by its frequency-the regularity in which it vibrates=its movement a measure also involves strength,tone,pitch. You can begin by toning your soul note.Take a few deep breaths,relaxing the shoulders neck throat.Then upon your next release-instead-open mouth and TONE-whatever note comes out! Your soul note is your natural tone,your sound,timbre-your note. Do this as often as you feel comfortable.Once a week is ok or every other day.You can also go to to OM,AH, or HU with Jonathan Goldman! Dont worry its not about singing -as in singing well,and hitting the “right notes”,held for a certain time.No thinking much-be with your note,an expression of your life force-your essence. More later!

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