Meditation Today 5pm

A beautiful good morning to all! Enjoy peace and comfort today! The last 3 weeks of MeditationMon@MegsPlace will bring you: TODAY Mon 4/20 – THE CHAKRA’s /  MEDITATION 5-6pm We will go over each Chakra,what it is,what colors and crystals are associated with each Chakra and a Chakra Meditation Drop Ins welcome,only $10:00 Anyone wishing to learn about the Chakras will want be present for this.light refreshments before and after.712-204-1541

There will be no Saturday Morning appointments on Sat 4/18.It is a friends birthday and we are celebrating with Brunch and Mani’s .Appointments will be available  Sat 4/18 afternoon 2-6pm. There are still appointments available during the week.Thurs 9am and 5 pm & 6pm.Please call,e,or FB me your special time!


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