Being in the SHIFT

th (2)  Good Morning All! Th ere are still Saturday appointments available 4/11.Please call to set up your special time.Sessions are $25.00 1/2 hour & $50.00 per hour.

If you purchased packages,please remember to book your time and use it before June.There are no refunds on package deals,as told when purchased-use it or loose it:)

Chakra Balance w Sound Therapy or Aromatique Touchpointe Massage                      MON. 8,9,10 am -(eve currently unavailable due to Meditatin@MegsPlace)                TUES – FRI 8,9,10 am & 5,6,7,pm                  SATS-9-7                                           CALL 712 204-1541

Monday night Meditation@MegsPlace continues. Participants have been having amazing meditations. Participants may offer comments on this blog of their experiences.

THE SHIFT – wow! People have said to me:”There’s supposed to be this “shift” going on,but “things” are going “bad”-it doesn’t seem to be shifting into what we want.” Yes & last weekends FULL MOON brought with it a whole bunch of “chaos” and sad/scary challenges/changes to many. That IS a shift.Hopefully as we continue in constant motion (e-motion) on our spiritual enlightenment journey,and the 3rd eye opens,one of the experiences I hope for all ,is that they perceive their experiences in a new light,with a new perception. This new perception will hopefully move all away from the boxed in -“good or bad-judgmental thinking.Your third eye will reveal that nothing is either good or bad as you loose judgement.You will also see that TRUTHS are a perception.As people are in constant motion,what was once a held belief, a truth for them, becomes obsolete,something else becomes true-again as they loose judgments and move outside of boxed in,categorized thinking.When we become aware of that,we also SHIFT into acceptance,allowance of everyone (including self) and where they are at on their journey.No one is ahead,or behind-lesser or greater then someone else and where they are on there journey. ONE emotion becomes more of a truth and a state of being-that is LOVE and all the components of LOVE-starting with self. BE kind,gentle,compassionate.Let go of your own EGO,let go of JUDGEMENT and BE LOVE! In my energy work,my promise to you is I will never judge you as “sick” and try to “make you” “well” or “whole” from my perception of what THAT is for you. I will always meet you “where you stand” with compassion and love.I will walk with you and guide you to where YOU want to go next on the journey-and then when you are ready for the next step-I ll guide you there.If you stay in one place and linger-I will not judge you as “stuck”.  I will hold space and frequency for you,until you wish to move on.Since I don’t believe time is linear-how ever long you are in a space – is not “to long”. We are all in this together. Lets BE in LOVE!

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