Meditation Monday @ MegsPlace! These are the workshops for the  next 3 weeks. Drop Ins welcome-be here by 5:00pm please $10.00

*WEEK 3-Beginning Breath Work and Toning / Meditation

*WEEK 4-Toning and Intentional Projection / Meditation

* WEEK 5 -Expanding on your Sacred Space Meditation / Meeting Spirit Guide

Beginning Sunday April 5th prices will increase.for Chakra Balances and Aromatique Touch Pointe Massage.Before then, PACKAGES are available at the CURRENT RATE.Get 4 1/2 hour appointments for $80.00 ( you SAVE $20.00, 4 1 hour appointments for $160.00 (save $40.00) Packages can be used by self OR for gifts to family and friends! Packages must be purchased by end of day Sat April 4th. Packages must be used by June 1st.Use it or loose it! I really hope to see you take advantage of this.LOVE YOU ALL!

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