Keep UP your Vibrations & Specials You want!

It’s so important to raise your vibration by consciously choosing positive thoughts,even when you don’t feel it inside.I can help you KNOW you feel it and be able to CHOOSE it when you slide into “Stinkin Thinkin”,or are affected by “polluted energy” of those around you. Although we have the ability to resonate at a high vibrational frequency, it is challenging for us to stay elevated all of the time. This is partly because our physical bodies reside here on Earth in a physical dimension that is much denser and slower than the higher, ethereal dimensions.  The simple makeup of our planet and bodies is composed of much lower vibrational energy than that of our Souls. We are souls first,housed in our physical bodies,and we must diligently strive to live our highest vibration for both,every day. INCREASE or KEEP YOUR GOOD VIBRATIONS WITH A CHAKRA BALANCE!  SAT MARCH 28th CALL 204-1541,please,leave a message,FB PM me, or For the physical body in stress or pain,please enjoy an aromatique touch pointe massage with isochronic tones.Special pricing available now through April 4th.Book YOUR special time! COME SAT 3/28th and be entered for a PRIZE DRAWING (a 20.00 value)

Beginning Sunday April 5th prices will increase.Before then, PACKAGES are available at the CURRENT RATE.Get 4 1/2 hour appointments for $80.00 ( you SAVE $20.00, 4 1 hour appointments for $160.00 (save $40.00) Packages can be used by self OR for gifts to family and friends! Packages must be purchased by end of day Sat April 4th. Packages must be used by June 1st.Use it or loose it! I really hope to see you take advantage of this.LOVE YOU ALL!



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