HAPPY = *Meditation *Balance

Appointments still available for this week 3/24-3/28 WED & FRI 9,10 am / 5pm and after,  SAT 3/28 ALL DAY/EVE Please, FB PM, Call/Txt 712.204.1541, e-mail sagemeg12@msn.com,or comment here to save YOUR special time,or if you need oils/crystals. Thank You!

Meditation is going great! It only needs YOU to join in! This is what the classes will be covering,Week 3 is next Mon 3/30  5pm @ MegsPlace! 

*WEEK 3-Beginning Breath Work and Toning / Meditation

*WEEK 4-Toning and Intentional Projection / Meditation

* WEEK 5 -Expanding on your Sacred Space Meditation / Meeting Spirit Guides

*WEEK 6 – What are your Chakras / Guided Chakra Meditation w/ music

*WEEK 7-Crystals & Chakras / *Chakra Meditation in a Crystal Grid

* WEEK 8 – Meditate                  **One does not need to be seated on the floor,if that is uncomfortable.There will be seating.You may come in work cloths or comfortable attire.You will be asked to remove your shoes.Bring a blanket,a pillow,towel or mat if you choose.Light refreshments available.




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