HAPPY SPRING WEEKEND! UPDATE: Appointments still available for next week 3/23-3/28 WED & FRI 9,10 am / 5pm and after SAT 3/28 ALL DAY/EVE Please FB PM,Call/Txt 712.204.1541,e-mail sagemeg12@msn.com,or comment here to save YOUR special time,or if you need oils/crystals. Thank You!

How would a person with a healthy, balanced chakra system most likely look?

*body is healthy enough to support individual spiritual journey/fulfillment of life purpose
*well grounded, secure, confident, in touch with own body
*in touch with their emotions, but not overwhelmed by them
*comfortable with their own sexuality
*self-confident, without dominating others
*compassionate, loving, healthy relationships; in touch with nature
*able to express own truth, to listen as well as speak, to create
*intellect balanced with wisdom, in touch with intuition,trusts to take action on their intuitions
*sense of connection with the divine



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