W/ Gratitude! Happy Spring! REBIRTH!

There is only 1 appointment left for this week,tomorrow Sat@ 8:45am! Call,Txt,or FB PM me. I will be gone this weekend BUT appointments are available for next week! Evenings 5pm and after TUES, WED, FRI and all day SAT is OPEN! Please call to reserve your special time.Thank you to those new clients who had appointments this past week ,and said to those who sent you,as well as to me,that the work is absolutely amazing! I would appreciate your testimonials and even more so your referrals! All I want to do is help and support folks on this amazing authentic,truthful,opening, heartfelt,conscious awakening journey! Thank you for letting me share my gifts,  and decades worth of knowledge and experience with you. I still hear the voices of this community of MONEY TIME MONEY TIME. That is exactly why I do ALL I can to keep the prices at 20.00 per 1/2 & 40.00 per hour;so that I may be all inclusive.Please,come for a session-you will be so delighted that you did!

Dont forget MeditationMon@MegsPlace 5pm Single class openings 10.00 per class.This Week- *WEEK 2  Various Meditation Styles / Methods / A guided method of meditation to Create a Sacred Space. Once you create your sacred space you can access it from anywhere,for any length of time,to help release physical and emotional stress,quiet the mind,and bring peace & rejuvenation.


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