Green-Healing & Rebirth! and Pain Management!

The left side of the heart / body is where we release alot of negative energy from negative thought patterns,jealousy,wounds,fear,negative “pollution”,even the negative stuff that runs through us, like current, from other peoples negative energy to cell,radiation,satellite “electrical pollution”. Support the RELEASE!

Have a Balance- *WED  3/18-8:30am, 9:30am,5pm, 6pm*THURS 3/19 Same times as WED    *SAT 3/21 9:00,10:00 a.m I hope I get to work with you soon!

and THANK GOODNESS for my PAIN MANAGEMENT I have arthritis pretty bad and the change from 86 sweating in a t-shirt to 22 get ur gloves back on weather in less then 24 hrs wow! Any of you w/ PAIN including non-inflammatory pain of Fybromyalgia will want to try my all natural -real essential oil formula called Pain Mgnt. Im a certified Aromatherpist/Aromatologist and this really helps! Try it!

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