Are you feeling Energetic Pain?

energy_reiki_healing_energetic_knotYour spiritual journey is day by day. As we move through releasing old wounds,judgement,anger and so much more -we shift our energy in a big way. We release the weights and chains that have bound us to limiting beliefs patterns;we ascend.As we do, we shift our heart energy to higher states of LOVE,unconditional love,divine love. We love ourselves more and send love out more.We see things differently,perceive things differently as the vision expands with the awakening of our third eye.We learn more of our truth,and learn new ways to express it.Physical pain is normal as we move through these shifts.Nausea,dizziness,sleeplessness,headaches,scratchy throat,muscle aches and pains can come and go.They dont last long,they are however perplexing to the individual on the journey.”im doing all these new great things for myself,why am i feeling this?” Our frequency is vibrating on a higher plane.Our physical bodies are not used to these feelings. As you shed the “weights” that grounded you and replace it with higher frequency,one can feel unstable.At this time ground yourself with nature,the earth and things of the earth.Use essential oil of vetivert or cypress.Be with crystals.Drink alot of water,mineral water too. Teas of ginger or peppermint is helpful.Stretch,walk a little, do some tai-chi or yoga.Meditate.It is normal, and it will pass;and it is an opportunity to live it-live your healthier life everyday, in every way. LOVE


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