MEDITATION MONDAYS @ MegsPlace 3/16/15 5pm

chakra4  Good afternoon!  I trust all are enjoying a fantastic Sunday.The option for Saturday morning meditation sessions are cancelled.Seems there is not enough interest in it/or at that time.I do have 2 people signed up for Monday Meditation @MegsPlac.We will go forward with that time frame then. The “Earlybird” special pricing has expired.If you wish to sign up for ALL 8 on the 1st day, Mon 3/16 ,the fee is 60.00  I do have a couple more folks saying they would come -but cant make all 8 Mondays.Your voice is heard:) SO,COME to the individual classes you want and pay 10.00 per class.Call 712 204-1541 e-mail FBpm me to let me know you are coming! If you are on this blog( or GO to the blog) simply scroll down to see what you can learn each week in meditation. Many Blessings to you and yours!

2 thoughts on “MEDITATION MONDAYS @ MegsPlace 3/16/15 5pm

    • we’ll have to see how it goes Andrea.I cancelled the Sat. ones -lack of interest.But yes perhaps I will try again.Doing Monday meditations as of 3/16 I have and since 4 signed up;other folks feel they cant commit to 8 mondays in a row so if anyone want to attend a Monday session on the fly it will be 10.00 for each class.Have an awesome day!


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