Meditation Begins! Mons PM / Sats AM


people_meditating_on_exercise_ball_600-00865931 There are still appointments open for Chakra Balance/Sound Therapy this Sat March 7 1/2hr 20.00 or 40.00 per hour Call Txt,712 204-1541 FBPM for your time!  and MEDITATION BEGINS 3/14 and 3/16 read what its all about!

*WEEK 1-Health Benefits of Meditation /  Meditation w/ Music *WEEK 2 -Various Meditation Styles/Methods and the benefits each style can offer / A guided meditation to Create a Sacred Space, *WEEK 3-Beginning Breath Work and Toning / Meditation, *WEEK 4-Toning and Intentional Projection / Meditation, * WEEK 5 -Expanding on your Sacred Space Meditation / Meeting Spirit Guides, *WEEK 6 – Guided Chakra Meditation w/ music, *WEEK 7- *Chakra Meditation in a Crystal Grid, * WEEK 8 Meditate **One does not need to be seated on the floor,if that is uncomfortable.There will be some chairs.You may come in work cloths or comfortable attire.You will be asked to remove your shoes.Bring a blanket,a pillow,or…

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