Please click on this to check out this blog! Read and learn about grids or see what classes and appointment times are available.KNOW I am here for you.Without cutting quality, Ive reduced cost ( like overhead) so I can keep the work authentic and keep the prices WAYYY down ( well over 50% from others claim they do/or do this type of work ) so that Siouxland,with its $20,000.00 per capita income, can afford to come!  No one should be left out. Ive created $20.00 1/2 hour sessions for you.Time and Money – its what I hear and Ive answered your need.Some have said the work is “to honest” or “to hard”(?) What does that even mean? YES through this work you are moving mountains-within yourself,which in turn effects change in family,work mates,community.Yet, you do want to live your truth right! Heal wounds,come from love? Its not “hard”work, I assure you! Its a wonderful experience-its BEING in the space,its BEING TRUE,and Loving. That IS hard for many as many,with the purpose of ( yet not realizing the intent of) keep overly busy,or take lots of meds, or drink,or eat to excess or whatever it is that you put in your path to distracts you from truth, to keep you from looking,from change,from “fear”from healing,from BEING. Im here,holding space for you.Call TxT,FB message me,come-you will love all the benefits,and it doesnt take alot of work,its not hard.But it does require a loving commitment to self,and trusting in your guide. Love and Blessings every day!Why Wait;)!

There are still appointments available for Sat and Sunday!

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