Meditation/Toning and Crystal Workshops

chakra4MEDITATION/ TONING -Be with higher self,and one another s higher consciousness at MEDITATION and TONING circle workshops.All levels welcome from those just thinking they want to learn meditation,to those wanting to reach higher states of  conscious awareness with the addition of soul toning/projection toning.This is an 8 week workshop.Sessions will be offered 2xs a week.Sat mornings at 8:30,and a weekday evening at either 5:30 (providing a transition between busy workday and busy eve activities?) or 7:30?  FEEDBACK please,Thank you. I am open to hearing your voice so as to provide the most convenient time.These workshops will last 45 min to 1 hour. Anything that I list as guided,I am your guide,i don’t use someone else s pre-recorded tapes,or youtube; simply as a matter of awareness,not that there is anything wrong with that.Music and Bi-Nural Beats are pre-recorded.Some Bi-Nural Beats are created and recorded by me. Saturday Sessions  will begin Saturday March 14.

*week 1-Health Benefits of Meditation /  Meditation w/ Music  *week 2 -Various Meditation Styles/Methods and the benefits each style can offer / A guided meditation to Create a Sacred Space, *week 3-Beginning Breath Work and Toning / Meditation, *week 4-Toning and Intentional Projection / Meditation, * week 5 -Expanding on your Sacred Space Meditation / Meeting Spirit Guides, *week 6 – Guided Chakra Meditation w/ music, *week 7- *Chakra Meditation in a Crystal Grid, * week 8 Meditate **One does not need to be seated on the floor,if that is uncomfortable.There will be some chairs.You may come in work cloths or comfortable attire.You will be asked to remove your shoes.Bring a blanket,a pillow,or a matt if you wish.

** ALL 8  45 min to 1 hour sessions is $60.00.Payment for these sessions need to be paid in full on the first day of class.If this creates a hardship,please contact me to see if i can help in any way.  Saturday Classes will begin Saturday March 14th 8:30 am. Id like to,and most likely will offer the Saturday Classes at Dr Obbink / Manley Chiropractic in Morningside! I am so excited about this opportunity! The evening classes will be offered Northside at MegsPlace     **EarlyBird Discount!!!: Sign up,pay in full for either Eve OR Sat class sessions by March 7th PAY ONLY $50.00 -BRING AFRIND / FAMILY mmbr -Save even MORE, ONLY $45.00 each! Contact me on FB, or PM me on FB or Txt or Call Meg 712-204-1541,or email Can also contact me through this blog by leaving a comment.

** Look for classes on CHAKRAS and CRYSTALS starting soon.chakra4

3 thoughts on “Meditation/Toning and Crystal Workshops

  1. Wonderful. Thank you for your interest-I look forward to our sessions together. If you are interested in signing up “earlybird” to receive the 8 sessions for the discounted price of 50.00,and/or signing up with a friend, full payment is due this Sat March 7th.I am in home that day,simply call/txt a time so I am available and not with a client.If you are not signing up that way then you can bring payment of 60. for all 8 sessions at first session.712 204-1541 Blessings upon each day!


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