Chakra * Meditation* Sound / Vibrational Toning

th (1)Good morning all!  Appointments are available this week: Wed 2/18 -4,5,6,7pm  Thurs 2/19 9am-3pm Fri 2/20 4,5,6,7 pm Sat 2/21 8am-2pm. Something for everyone! Why wait?

Some other things Id like to open dialogue about and Id love your posts, feedback,opinions! Three people asked me to be their “mentor”.They want to learn all about this “stuff” crystals,chakras,sound-how I put it all together.I have taught on Aromatherapy and Chakras at WITT and Briair Cliff (to nursing students) at business for staff appreciation,at Hospice,at the J.E.N. CC,and many other businesses here in Siouxland.I have been invited to speak ( and did so) in many surrounding areas such as Akron,Oneil,Onawa,Omaha,Sioux Falls etc.I have had articles written in the Journal about my work as well. Im grateful to have shared all I know-and didn’t mind doing it for a donation,thinking as I shared the info – it was marketing my business-people would understand,through what they have learned, to not be wary of using essential oils,to try Chakra Balances,to learn meditation,breath work,etc I was amazed to see how many “students” from those places where I taught for basically free,did start using oils-and then ordered oils on line ,all ready diluted and / or  joined multi-level marketing essential oil companies like YL or DO-T and started trying to sell it themselves ( not really working out well for the 6-7 ppl that I know are doing it.Mostly to get their own oils cheaper/free-which is really what I took away from sharing decades of knowledge-alot of which I paid thousands for: to learn everything from growing the minerals in the soil that help impart the plants natural chemical constituents that define/create its therapeutic  properties etc etc.-What I really took away was =people do not care about authenticity-they want to know how do i get it for myself cheaper-and how can i make money from it myself-thats what they need to know.A few other students decided they were so inspired they used what they learned from me and started their own businesses,or added to their own business.Good for them! However-the question is: do I teach this? Why? What can I charge? Most Reiki classes are at least 800.00 or more for an “intensive” ( a weekend) Chakra is not Reiki -but close to it.Id rather teach people then have them go on youtube for a bunch of -wow-who knows what kind of info.Someone saw on youtube that if they open their third eye chakra,they can let demons in (NO!!) So what are your thoughts.Id really like and need to make a sustainable living ,doing living being my calling-this work.Do I teach it? and why? Thanks Im off to my PT job that helps me somewhat to pay the bills and keep the cog churning,i look forward to your thought. and in the meantime -EXPERIENCE A CHAKRA BALANCE!! with Tuning Forks, and Crystals and Sound Therapy and Essential OIls.Its truly a beautiful experience.LOVE

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