After 12 days in a row of work @ Pearl Vision,and a couple of very long days,I am SO GRATEFUL to be doing MY essence work today! So grateful that a co-worker is back and recovering well.Blessings and love to to him and family as he moves through a very challenging time! Hes doing great! So happy I was able to help out and cover at Pearl! Grateful too for my boss Lydia,the Pearl Vision Goddess as she displays patience in all! She is so super great at what she does! I hope I can make her proud one day very soon; as I seem to / or feel like Im not understanding the process quickly enough.I am used to being knowledgeable,and giving excellent customer service,so I am moving through some anxiety about this at this time.Lydia assures me “you’re fine”.I really love it there and hope all works out well! How MUCH HEART-ANAHATA has been in play there in so many ways! Thank you SPIRIT for watching over us all! Thank you to Theresa and Doug who got me to and from work Sun & Mon. Well today is essence,our collective essence, from ANAHATA! How can we show more LOVE,more HONOUR, more RESPECT, more DEVOTION,more GRACE,how can we HELP more and more each day? SPIRIT within-guide us all to be more collectively loving in all ways-work through each and everyone of us to be a vessel of LOVE! I have LOTS of marketing to begin this week. I will be designing new cards or leave at those businesses who requested that info for sharing THANK YOU.In this time of creation please refer people here to my blog,and share my e-mail or #.I have appointments available Wed, Thurs,Fri, Sat 3,4,5,6-hours or half hours! WOW, awesome – SPACE, TIME, and HEART-CREATED for YOU to get on in here! Come see me! This EXPERIENCE is awesome and beautiful and powerful! REMOVE energy blocks from old wounds,revive JOY, HEART and HOPE. Learn to LOVE YOURSELF FIRST to then LOVE OTHERS BEST-learn to feel FEAR or ANXIETY and still COPE and MOVE FORWARD in more and more POSITIVE ways,so nothing stops you,dont squash your emotions,dont be ‘STUCK” feel them,validate them (because you LOVE yourself), learn from them and KEEP MOVING! I hope to see old hearts/souls and meet/work with new ones very soon! LOVE and PEACE!!

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  1. Wow!! I didn’t realize you did this blog(?) I am impressed. Wish I had searched things before. Love your words. Love the crystals. You really are BEAUTIFUL.♡


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