ANAHATA, Heart Chakra – 4th Chakra

6716c96176a86d0972a07b2df113c4f8 We begin this week with Anahata! Heart!

Your heart.How much pain do you hold in your heart? Any? How much anger? Regret? Jealousies? Any judgments? If you are holding these emotions that deplete you,why? What is it you gain-the pay off so to speak? If you say there is none,no gain,then let go.If there is a gain that reasons one to hold onto those emotions-then spend time looking into/being with that perception, and then choose if you wish to continue holding on for awhile longer or not.With chose,you have power-you seek wisdom.This is a way you can be within deeper parts of yourself-that you love as well.Recognize some of the gain is awareness,knowledge,wisdom.Most often those wisdoms earned,knowledge gained, insights and shifts in awareness are powerful transformations, and effect multiple chakras simultaneously-it takes as long as it takes to move  through it – and action taken and empowered from the third chakra will help you move through it. Move you must! Take action on coming from love-love self. Honour your promises to self.Say kind things to yourself.Be light.As you do -spread that out and keep your word/promises to others,say kind things to others.

I love & accept myself as I am.I listen to the heart and honour its loving connections to self and others.I free myself with forgiveness. I give graciously of praise and with kindness.I am open to receive love.What are some of your affirmations?Please, leave a comment:)

Crystals that are nice, and effective, when working with the ANAHATA = Heart Chakra can be Rubelite and Tourmaline,Water-melon Tourmaline,Rhodonite,Rose Quartz,Amethyst,Flourite, Malachite,Green Calcite,Aventurine,Jade, Bloodstone,Peridot.

HEARTSONG $15.00 now thru 2/2015 Open to your Heartsong with Geranium Rose Bourbon, Jasmine, Sw. Orange & Pink Grapefruit. Free Samples available with hour appointments: Pain Mgmnt,Germ Free,HeartSongs, L’essence Orange et Chocolat, Menthe Noivre et Chocolat.

I ll be returning calls,e-mails,and fbpm’s tomorrow Mon. 26th.I ll be at Pearl Vision today till 5.The 6:30pm spot for this evening is taken. Have an excellent day! LOVE! PS I made my first sale at PV yesterday YAYY!!


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