Smokey Quartz Points

HPIM1184   Smokey Quartz points,actually may be a combination of Smokey & Citrine – a find! This crystal doesnt astound with speed,its rather gentle and refined.Used to enforce a powerful field of energy that will absorb many forms of negative energy from within ones self,and outer sources.ONLY $5.00 each!

Necklaces are &15.00 The smaller (bottom left) Red River Jasper “the Supreme Nurturer” is beautiful.The Flourite (Stone of Discernment and Protection) is pretty; purple to indigo hues.The Longer Unikite w/Jasper are unique and interesting-they are great for Re-Birthing-dispelling blockages from past wounds,and helping one understand the spiritual connection to ones physical imbalances /ailments and dis-ease.

Today is the LAST DAY for the GERM FREE SALE ROLL-ON or SPRITZ! Order by leaving a comment in this section, FBPM or TXT and pk/up tomorrow! Have a super awesome love filled day!


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