Happy Manipura! 3rd Chakra

fb80f26bc3795c9633602ac50b63a2eb  MANIPURA 3rd CHAKRA Your POWER source. Physically 2rd Chakra deals with digestion and kidneys -water.Converting food into energy.Hydration. Spiritually and Emotionally, Manipura enlightens us to issues of WILL,will power,strength,courage. How and on what or whom do we impose our will? To whom or what do we surrender our will. Also our instincts and how well we tune into our instincts.Joy and Enthusiasm especially when taking action to follow through on dreams and dream projects.The taking action for self in health and wellness matters.Balanced Self Esteem.Converting energy into manifestation with Joy!

The color is Golden -yellow,infused with light. Wear gold or yellow clothing or accessories. Carry Citrine or Pyrite or Golden .Yellow Calcite. Eat Yellow foods this week! MMM Im thinking Lemon,Pineapple,Yellow Peppers,Papaya../ What are some yellow -golden foods your thinking? Use Lemon,Lemongrass,Grapefruit,Ginger,Peppermint,or Juniper Oils with the 3rd Chakra,all diluted please.Some of these E/Os can cause a sensitivity on the skin and should be “tested on back of wrist or elbow”.I like to boil some water-put it in a bowl add a couple of drops of whatever you are choosing and let it myst the aire-breathe it in…

Affirmations that can activate or maintain balance in the Manipura : I have the power! What will power me today? I am courageous! I choose to take action on:I have the FREEDOM to make my own choices. I believe in my choices.I am connected to the source of all power,it flows though me and encourages me. I take action. Lights(joy!) Camera(reflection) ACTION = flow…I know and trust my Intuitive Understanding.

Leave a comment-what are some of your affirmations for courage-for power,strength with joy!

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