2nd Chakra Part2

Good Morning This is Celebrating Svadhisthana,2nd Chakra Week!  A few more affirmations as you work with your Sacral Chakra!  As I write this,Im enjoying a Carrot,Pink Grapefruit, Ginger juice this morning for my “orange” food! Been enjoying Oranges,Pink Grapefruit,Carrots, Salmon and more all week! What were some of your fave orange foods this week?

Affirmations: My sexuality is sacred.I skillfully flow in shadow and in light. I trust in my divine guidance. I celebrate with gratitude my whole,balanced,trusted,nurturing relationships! I deserve to experience pleasure in my life.I honor and respect my emotions. I move freely and easily! An easy flow of Abundance moves through me I receive,I give.

If you are experiencing some pain in your lower back ,hips,sacrum or tailbone PLEASE try some of my Pain Mgmnt Formula! Helps so much! Trysome soft hip opening, soft Yoga. I like the moves and breath of soft Svaroopa Yoga OR I also like Dahn Yoga hip moves on Youtube. I will post from my faves! Mind you whatever you learn from Youtube- from yoga to fixing something to listening to tuning forks or essential oil recipes,DOES NOT mean you are then a yoga teacher,sound therapist, or mechanic hahaha!

I have 2 UNIKITE,and 1 Red River Jasper necklaces that came in EXCELLENT for 2nd Chakra! Only $15.00

I love and Honour You!HPIM1169

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