2nd Chakra-Svadhisthana

131690a73c0722676c2f2ffb5efe3707 Svadhisthana, 2nd Chakra,SacralChakra moves from base of  the spine to the naval. Physically it governs the sexual organs,rectum,lower bowels,lower ab muscles,bladder,lower back muscles,hips,and lumbar spine.The colours are shades of brick,orange,peach,red.

Emotionally & Spiritually it is our center of creation and creativity.This is where we not only procreate,but plant our seeds of creativity. All the seeds of our ideas,plans,hopes,& dreams,and creative projects are planted there-after they are nurtured -we birth them! The 2nd Chakra is where we learn we are all creative beings;and how we co-create with one another, and the divine creator, this world we share. Dont worry if you think you’re not “crafty” or “handy” or a singer,dancer, actor etc. When folks say this to me,I ask:did you pick out the cloths you’re wearing; create a meal or sandwich? We create/co-create our day,our week.Celebrate your creativity! The Svadhisthana Chakra also deals with our jobs/careers,our relationships including our relationship to money. When our 2nd Chakra is in balance our desires are also in balance,including our desire for abundance,how we perceive and allow pleasure,our sexuality,our relationship to sex and sensuousness,as well as our passions for life and our exuberance!

Affirmations:I am a creative being. I am a sensual being.I acknowledge my physicality and my sensuousness.I attract only whole and nurturing relationships into my life. All my emotions flow harmoniously.I embrace my sexuality.I awaken/reawaken my passions. My creativity flows freely.I welcome abundance, with every breath I receive. Feel free to send me some of your own affirmations that you think work great for the 2nd Chakra!

Some Essential Oils that are effective for the Sacral Chakra are: Jasmine,Sweet Orange,Patchouli

2nd Chakra Crystals – Jasper,Tiger Eye, Carnelian, Moonstones,Rhodachrosenite,Apricot Lemurians,Garnet,Ruby.I use Apache Tears for those who have suffered sexual abuse.

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