This week 1/11-1/17 appointment times

Good Morning All! These are my appointment times still open for this week 1/11-1/17

WED- 1/14 2:00, 3:00 & 4:00 OPEN

Fri- 10:00-2:30 OPEN

Please leave a comment here, call,txt,or FB msg me w/your preferred time! Thank you. Many Blessings!

PLEASE,give at least a few hours notice if you must cancel an appointment.I ask you be considerate of others,as someone may be wanting to get in;I also ask you to be considerate of my time.Thank You Love & Peace!

One thought on “This week 1/11-1/17 appointment times

  1. An esthetically pleasing healing experience!
    The beauty of Meg’s work is her delicious marriage of the smells and healing properties of essential oils, sound therapy involving soft binaural beats in the background with tuning forks focused on chakra areas, the vibrational feel of the healing crystals, and visual colors seen while in a meditative state during Chakra balancing/opening. I appreciate the added bonus of Lilly the Chakra kitty sitting in for a snuggle during the experience! No worries if you don’t care for kitties- Lilly intuits if you need/want her to help or not. 🙂
    Meg has been working with me for 6 months and I have seen and felt the differences in how I perceive and interact in my world. I have learned that healing comes from within and have gathered tools and strategies through these experiences to guide my journey. During the experience I can physically and emotionally feel the work being done as she opens chakras.
    Since our overall health and well being is our own responsibility-Meg honors this by not giving her clients a specific number of how many times a week, month, or year to come back for rebalance.
    A reminder: the work isn’t done when the session is over. The karmic work is also our responsibility outside of the session. A quote from Meg- “I don’t cure or heal you- I open the doors/chakras to guide your own healing.”
    We know our bodies the best. Some of us may need/want it Bi-monthly or monthly. Others may need/want it once a year. How often we go back doesn’t indicate how “sick” we are but rather how much time we are willing to invest in our own balance in life.
    To steal Oprah’s favorite things idea- This experience is #1 on the list of wonderful things to share with my community and the world!
    Her fees a very affordable and the experience is worth 100 times the cost!
    What a beautiful gift to give to someone you care about. Heck! Share it with someone you don’t like and reap those fabulous karmic effects!
    We are very fortunate to be blessed with her skills, expertise, and decades of knowledge in our community poeople! ❤️ Don’t let her slip away somewhere warmer by shelving this experience for a later that never comes.


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