Your Chakras: Daily Affirmations

Today 1/3/15  ROOT CHAKRA -MULADHARA Affirmations: I am rooted.I am grounded. I am safe.I am connected to all living matter.We are all one.I am strong.I am divinely supported at all times.I trust.I am secure.My needs are always met.I am in harmony with the Earth and Universe.I love and support and care for Mother Earth and Father Sky and they love and support and care for me.The Earth and this Universe is a good place for me.I belong.For all this I am eternally grateful.

For your MULADHARA Crystals you will find most beneficial-Obsideon,Garnet, Smokey Quartz,Hematite,Black Tourmaline and some Agates.Use a clear quartz crystal point or two to direct the flow of energy UP on the RIGHT (receive) Down on the LEFT (give).

For Essential Oils Smell the Earth,yes dirt, yes even if its winter! Use your plants feel the soil,smell the leaves,feel them on your cheek.Collect some wood,have a fire.For Essential Oils I reccomend the ROOT, GROUNDING OILS of Vetiver, Cypress,Sandalwood.

PLEASE contact me or FB @ Meg essence, for sessions, crystals,grid work, sound therapy, breath work, meditation, and fitness classes.

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