Featured Crystal – Garnet

Garnet is January’s birthstone.Garnet is a stone of commitment.A great stone to help us keep our New Years resolutions! It is a stone of Courage,Honesty & and of Faith. A Garnet is great for manifesting our dreams – grounding them into reality.This stone brings the energy of prosperity and abundance. I use Garnet to bring into balance Root Chakra disorders that manifest as feelings of helplessness, abandonment, and victimization.Due to a Garnet being a stone of commitment,it is a great stone to give or receive for Valentines Day! For that same reason I use Garnet -not only on the Root Chakra, but on the Heart Chakra as well.It helps one to keep their commitments to themselves.

E-mail or FB me if you would like a Garnet or a Chakra session!

2 thoughts on “Featured Crystal – Garnet

  1. hey meg! Speaking of birthday stones, if you ever happen to get your hands on a large, beautiful chunk(slice) of turquoise in the raw – and you don’t want it – you should let me know!!! 🙂


    • Hi Jason! I actually have 6 pcs. of Turquoise coming! I have ur Obsideon here I am out of Vetiver again.Cant order yet either-will soon-BUT i made a Sprizer anyway. Its 4 drops short on the Vetiver so I added a couple drops of Lemon,Lime & Clary Sage IF you want to try that one.Its obviously going to be lighter in aroma – not as deep a base. Anyway,I ll save that Spritzer in case, and will you be coming in anytime soon? OR shall I wait till Turquoise comes and mail ur Crystals and Spritz if you decide on it. Let me know. LOVE!


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